Many families have used our playgroup over the years, some of them have given testimonials to share their experiences with others looking to attend the playgroup.

"I started going to the Impington Opportunity Playgroup with my 5 month old baby who had suffered brain damage at birth. At the time I was still very confused and anxious about the future. Meeting the other parents was incredibly useful, they were very friendly and the chance to sit down and have a cup of tea whilst someone else looked after my child was amazing! I found out all kinds of useful information from the other parents, on topics such as physiotherapy, behaviour, waiting times at appointments, the list goes on. The volunteers are so great with the kids and the group really makes you feel supported and included at a time when it feels like many other people might not understand."

"I have been taking my daughter to the Opportunity playgroup since she was just under a year old, she is now three. She has congenital heart disease and when we started going she was on oxygen, had an ng tube for feeding and a hickman line to be aware of. I was nervous of taking her to playgroups due to all the wires and tubes that came along with us. This playgroup is fantastic. The helpers in the room are really good with her and enabled her to play normally and just enjoy herself. I was also very pleased to hear the playgroup leader Sally was a Nurse!

My daughter is now free of all the wires and tubes and Opportunity group has become a Monday tradition, we go every week we can and she loves it. She has made some great friends who we see outside of group for play dates. And I have made some great friends too..... One of the most valuable things for me was having time to meet with other parents of a child with additional needs. Just to feel I wasn't on my own and to share stories and information"

"When my two children were small, Impington Opportunity Playgroup was an absolute lifeline. Both children have SEN, and it quickly became apparent that they (and my son in particular) just couldn't cope in a regular toddler group. We tried several, but they got extremely stressed out, and I ended up feeling very isolated. When we discovered Opportunity Playgroup it was such a relief! Finally a group where my children didn't seem so 'different', where they were well looked after and accepted, and where I could have a sit down, and a cup of tea with a wonderful group of parents who truly understood what life was like for me. It quickly became the highlight of our week. I wholeheartedly recommend this fantastic group!"